Happy Women’s Day !


❤ Happy International Women’s Day to all you incredible, amazing, bright, strong and beautiful woman of the world. One of the things I find most inspiring is women supporting and lifting each other up.I’m grateful everyday that I have so many truly amazing women in my life. ❤


Love , Devi ❤


Queens of Yarns !


Inspire others with your story

Everyone has a story to tell – a powerful tale that can inspire others to dream big and to think big.Everyone has a story…a history…a series of failures and mistakes that have shaped them into the person they are today. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our story. Our story is what helped us become the person we are. That story is what taught us great life lessons that we might not have learned otherwise. That story is what will help us make better and wiser decisions in our future. That story is who we are…it is us.Never be ashamed of your story and never discount the impact it may have in someone else’s life. Let your mistakes and your failures inspire others to do better in their own life…then feel good about knowing that the things you overcame have helped inspire others for good.


Women Inspiring Women

Women Supporting Women

Here’s the example for these words.

Guinness World Records is thrilled to announce that Mother India’s Crochet Queens (India) successfully made the Largest crochet blanket in the world, measuring an astonishing 11,148.5 m² (120,001 ft² 72 in²) – easily covering the football pitch on which it was laid.



I have been honored to interview some of the key participants of this Guinness World Records . 

We rise by lifting others .. I’ve a super inspiring post today . A group of women joined together to create world record.These women are from different backgrounds.Some are Home Makers and some are single.They formed a Facebook group in 2015 and achieved the ‘Guinness World Records’ in 2016.Yarns,Needles,Knitting,Crochet skills brought them together.

When I interviewed them ; Most of them said,They started Crocheting as a hobby to kill time . Now they grow so big that they are too busy in receiving customer orders . 🙂 These ladies are skilled crafty in making Crochet bags,purses,home decor items,candle holders,dolls,kids&women wear,sweaters,door mats,table mats and lot more . (I’ve posted pictures of some of their awesome creations below)

These are the tools used to Crochet (Sujatha Shankar displayed her tools)

Passion turned Profit 

Geetha lives in a small town in Southern parts of India . She’s single and wanted to spend her time useful.She is good in making dolls..

“I love to do dolls. So learned Amigurumi (Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.) . My turning point is , after doing amigurumi dolls I got more orders. I keep getting orders for Ganesh and krishna dolls.I learned quelling, crochet, silk thread crafts by watching you tube” –  Geetha Renganayagam

Here’s Geetha’s Facebook page for more awesome colorful dolls https://www.facebook.com/Geethus-crafts-844975052223269/ .




Let’s hear it from Varalakshmi, “What started  as a hobby of mine(crocheting) to unplug myself from the non stop lifestyle, became more just a passion after I joined MICQ and has driven me to complete 50 blankets. I fear that once we break the Guinness record, there might be a vacuum in my life and l am contemplating some other avocation which would give me equal if not more satisfaction. Hope this journey continues in future with the new phases and with a different outlook. ”

Some of Varalakshmi’s super creations below


Rajakumari shares her experience below ,

” Crocheting had inspired me a lot to being out the creativity in me…
Started with a simple shawl , the products are endless…
Just after completing one project, my creativity and the magic hooks in my hands automatically starts up with another…
I find crocheting is cool and super fun…this is my one and only hobby…
If I want it simple, its as simple as that…😎 If wanted it complicated, I’ll make it complicate as much as I can…😂
I can see so many things for the crocheters to discover…”

I’m happy to share some of the awesome crochet work of my friends Rajakumari,Rajeshwari,Devi Priya and Sujatha Shankar . Omg they’re killer stuff.. Magical hands.. No words .. I’m speechless .. Here’s the display

It’s not that one should born great to attain greatness . All the above women are from middle-class family , not holding an international certification, some are physically disabled (this is what they say, “my ability is stronger than my disability” and they proved the world by their World record) but still they DID it with their skills,talent and hard work. I’m so proud of them .They’re the real inspiration .

Wrapping- up this post with this quote

“Behind every successful women a tribe of other successful women,who have her back.”

Love, Devi ❤


I Can Always Rise Up !


We can’t always stop the storms from coming, but we can choose to shine after they’re over. Rise above the storm you’ll find the Sunshine.

So many of us have been hurt, heartbroken, abandoned, bullied, overlooked, disappointed, used, abused, etc., Try to heal from the past pain and learn to turn our pain into power.I salute women who choose to rise above from her worst circumstances .



Learn to turn your Problems in to Solutions

Turn your Struggles into Strength

Turn your Pains into Power

Turn your bad days in to blessings

Shine On !! Stay Awesome ladies !


Devi Venkatesan

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