The Time is NOW 2017

Hi Everyone !

Hope you all had a fantastic celebrations !

We had great Christmas eve.. On this Christmas day I realized , Happiness is all about giving and NOT getting .  This time of the year is the perfect opportunity, to reflect on what we have been through and where we want to go next. Even amidst the chaos we can switch off every now and again to connect with our souls . Cherish the good memories and learn from the bad experiences .


Remember , 8 important things this holidays .

1. Spend quality time with family and friends .

2. Unplug and Relax .

3. Learn to Give .

4. Eat Healthy . (This is the season to be careful in eating .. Think of all those efforts you took in 2017 🙂 #diet #workout ) 

5. Thank and Think God . (Be #grateful Show #gratitude )

6. Appreciate small things . #enjoylittlethings  #smalljoy

7.Remember , the blessings and lessons of 2017 .

8. Don’t forget to have Fun .  🙂 .

Friends , we have a whole new year ahead of us – a fresh book with empty pages ready to be filled with a new chapter.
Let’s make it a good one.
Let’s fill it with stories our loved ones will tell for generations to come.


Much love.

Devi Venkatesan XOXO

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