Boolean Strings

Some basis search string for beginners
.Net Developer
.Net AND (VS OR “Visual Studio”) AND (VB OR “Visual Basic” OR AND (ASP OR AND (C# OR ) AND “SQL Server”
Business Analyst with Business Objects Experience
(“ba” OR “business analyst” OR “project manager” OR “project analyst”) AND “etl” AND “business objects” AND informatica AND “sql” AND (“data warehouse” OR financial OR analysis OR analytics OR mappings OR “product roadmap”)
Database Administrator
(“database administration” OR “database administrator” OR “DB Admin” OR DBA) AND (SQL OR “SQL Server”)
Java Developer
Java AND SQL AND (“object oriented” OR object-oriented OR “OO” OR “OOP” OR “OOAD” OR EJB OR J2EE OR Linux OR Hibernate OR Jidesoft OR MySQL OR Subversion OR SVN)
Linux Systems Administrator
(Unix OR Linux) AND (RedHat OR “Red Hat” OR Centos OR Debian) AND (SMTP OR DHCP OR DNS OR LDAP OR NFS OR SMTP OR HTTP OR SNMP) AND (“Systems Administrator” OR “System Administrator” OR “Systems Administration” OR “System Administration”)
PHP Developer
PHP AND SQL AND (PostgreSQL OR “Pervasive SQL” OR Intranet OR Linux OR Apache OR Javascript OR HTML OR CSS)
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