How to Teach Children About Cultural Awareness and Diversity



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I would like to share this post to all Moms out there raising kids losing their sleep .This is going to be a very important  lesson a responsible mother should teach her kids.

Have your kids ever wondered why people look different, or talk with an accent, or celebrate different holidays? MyBlogInspires has some tips on teaching your kids about cultural diversity.

We must inspire our children to be curious about the world and to become globally aware. We must teach our children to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures and in other countries.

By helping your child understand and respect similarities and differences you will also help your child to understand who he is in the context of your race, ethnic group, culture, religion, language and familial history. In so doing, you will provide your child with personally meaningful information and also introduce concepts from anthropology, history, religion, geography, etc.


You may have  blue eyes , red hair , green eyes , white skin , black skin , curly hair , black hair , differences apart we are all humans . Teach children to LOVE and RESPECT  each other . 


18 tips on teaching your kids about cultural diversity

  1. Spend more time with kids .
  2. Share more stories about culture diversity .
  3. Purchase a globe or a world map .
  4. Talk to them about different cultures,languages,food,traditional dresses / costumes .
  5. Take kids to history museum .
  6. Attend different event/festivals that celebrate a particular ethnic group .
  7. Teach children different languages .
  8. Build a global mind-set among kids .
  9. Encourage kids to do a holiday activity on global cross culture .
  10. Share your own experience during your childhood day with friends and relative who belong to other religion/culture .
  11. Show them examples by reading books,watching related Television shows and on the internet .
  12. Encourage cross-racial/ethnic friendship .
  13. Expose your children to food from different culture .
  14. Give them exposure to global food,music,art,lifestyle,people .
  15. Travel with kids to different countries or places of worship to know about different cultures and traditions .
  16. You’re a powerful  role model to kids they watch you, absorb you and follow you .
  17. Teach children to love and respect people equally in spite of differences .
  18. Making your child aware of you culture is important. It is better you start as early as possible because anything taught in the early age of the child develops in habit and lasts lifelong. Do not expect that everyone will accept and conceive it in the same way. If you are late, give some time and space and help them understand.

By helping your child understand and respect similarities and differences, you will help him realize he is a wonderfully unique person among many other wonderfully unique people on this earth.

Love and Respect All

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Love Always , Devi




18 things Motherhood has taught me


What Motherhood has taught me ?

The Journey from Womanhood to Motherhood changes you . Some of the changes are sudden and some happen so gradually that you barely recognize them.It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a parent for almost 10 years now, and I know I still have a lot of learning left to do . Some days are pretty smooth sailing , other days are a total and complete three-ring circus . I love my parental role , but motherhood is one of the hardest jobs I have experienced.

Today I want to tell you what motherhood has taught me . These things might not work for you . But these are the truths that I’ve accepted . Motherhood is the ultimate test of patience , perseverance , and selflessness , all of which I fall short of daily .

Below are the 18 things that motherhood has taught me.

1.Gained more Respect for my Parents : I have gained more respect for my parents . It’s not easy to raise  children . It is the most difficult job . My Mother taught me all that I should posses to become a good human . I’ve gained a whole new level of understanding and love for her.

2. Fast Lunch : I have learnt to have a cup of coffee  in few seconds. I’m a slow eater who used to taste food spoon by spoon . I used to enjoy eating . After my daughter was born I’ve learned to eat fast in few seconds.

3. No plans will work out : Nothing is ever going to go the way you planned it or imagined it . Just let it happen.

4 . Family Dinner : Motherhood taught me the importance of family dinners and holiday traditions .

5 . The best things in life are free : I always thought the defining moments were all big ones like buying a house,landing a good job and so on . Motherhood has taught me that the most joy can be found in everyday moment.. Little things brings big joy . According to me my daughter’s smile,laughter,cuddle,a kiss , a sound night sleep , enjoying a cup of coffee in perfect temperature , a lazy days shower ,and lot more are the best things in life and they are free .

6 .To Appreciate ‘Me-Time’ : Some days you will want to be shower in peace, pee in peace and you will want to be able to sleep uninterrupted . You will need a break . Take care of you so you can take care of kids .


7 . Mess is unavoidable . Roll with it : I hate disorder , it stresses me out . But as a Mom , living in chaos is the norm . Mess always surrounds me and I’ve learned to accept that there will always be some mess somewhere calling out for my attention.

8 . Time Flies : My mother used to tell me I grew up in a blink . I’ve learned that my parents truly weren’t kidding,your children are only children for such a short time,so enjoy every second .

9. Responsibility : As a mother you are more responsible to raise good humans . The world is in the hands of next generation . I’ve learnt to teach them good habits and disciplines .

10. Who I really am : Motherhood has taught me , my real strengths and weaknesses . It showed me so many things I could do for my kids beyond limits . And the truth is I was not like that before . It changed me . Like others , I did some parenting mistakes too and I am learning from my mistakes to become a good Mother.

11.Flexibility and Patience are essential : Children are such unpredictable little things,they will throw a wrench into the best laid plans .Not to mention illness,accidents,tantrums and hours spent hunting for lost items. I’ve always had somewhat of a rigid personality,when things don’t go as planned,I become uneasy (just ask my husband )I have learned to re-plan and adjust our priorities now .Motherhood has trained me to take on a more flexible attitude and developed patience in me .


12. Mothers love is unique : Motherhood has taught me how powerful a mothers love for her children can be .

13. Busy has a whole new meaning : I’m super busy now . Getting quick shower or cooking my favorite dish while my baby plays in her room or going to super market alone class as ‘me time’ .

14. Let your children go. Let them climb on their own and let them fall. Pick them up and kiss them when they fall and teach them to shake it off. Don’t hover, don’t overdo it. Let them fail and recover gracefully. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Falling will teach them to fly .

15. There is no such thing as a perfect parent . Learning parenting each and every day .

16. Sleep is a beautiful thing : I realize , Wasted lots of nights on social media but now .. Sleep, I love you and I miss you . Hope all of will agree this point for sure 🙂

17.Going to the bathroom alone is a privilege, not a right. To all my girlfriends without children- it’s weird, I know. Just enjoy the silence, and privacy, while you can.

18. Never stop taking pictures : Motherhood has taught me Pictures are memories captured and with how fast your kids grow you are going to want to have plenty of memories to look back on , and maybe embarrass them with,later on . 🙂

We all learn hundreds of new things every day from motherhood. The lessons can be fun , harsh and crazy .

What have you learnt since becoming a Mother ?

Happy Parenting !

Love Always , Devi






She Changed my life ! Beautiful Miracle ! #InternationalDayOfGirlChild

Hi Everyone !! Happy Morning

Today is International day of Girl child . (October 11th) Repost

Happy Girl’s Day to all !!

A Girl child is truly a blessing… How many of you agree?

I still remember the day when my little Lucky came in to my arms. How can I forget!? It was the most joyous day in my life.

I would love to share my experience about the birth of my little bundle of joy.

Yes, I am talking about my daughter Lucky. She is the joy in my life .

She is the Beautiful miracle in my life! Nothing can match the happiness of having a girl baby.

Childbirth is a natural and powerful wonder.

It was a beautiful day. We were surrounded by my family and friends I am talking about a labor of love.. I choose to give birth to my kid in a good hospital near by home. I was well prepared the previous day, packed all necessary things, couldn’t sleep well. I was little nervous about thinking of the next day. My dear husband was with me , encouraging me ,saying I was powerful, capable and I can do it. And a new day was dawn I know, “Today’s the Day”.

My Husband called the doctor and fixed appointment with the hospital and we started by 5am on Monday Morning and I brought my girl out of my body.. Lucky was born around 10.30 am on the same day It was a C-Sec.It was a very Beautiful moment in my life when I touched my baby for the very first time. I was in pain but my heart is filled with happiness and joy. It was truly a magical experience. A girl turned mom moment.

My husband and parents were happy to see this cute little girl.

I have always been a nature lover. I love to be surrounded by trees and plants I hate hospitals and its smell. I am little scared to take medicines.

Childbirth has taught me patience and confidence. It also taught me how our body works before and after childbirth and how to respond to it, to have a clearer birth plan, It prepared me mentally and physically to face it.


Lesson to All ‘To-Be Moms’

Remember a big lesson to handle labor sufferings and pain

The pain is not your permanent state. This is just a interruption before your blissful moment.

Keep thinking this pain is temporary and you’re going to bring out a cute little human into this world. Your body is Amazing and you’re doing good.

I‘ve never felt such immense joy as I did when birthing my daughter.


I would wind up this post by saying a Malala Yousafzai’s quote on this International Day Of Girl Child

“Let us pick up our books and our pens,They are our most powerful weapons.One child,one teacher,one book and one pen can change the world” .

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Happy Motherhood !

Happy Day of the girl !!

Devi Venkatesan

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