Happy Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanti / Janmashtami

img“Gokulashtami” or “Krishna Jayanti” or “Janmashtami” marks the celebration of the birth of Sri Krishna.Krishna Jayanthi, one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over India. Krishna is considered to be one of Lord Vishnu’s most glorious incarnations. Sri Krishna is Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar (incarnation) on earth. The main object of this incarnation of Vishnu as Krishna, was to destroy the cruel King Kansa of Mathura.


 In the mid night of ashtami (8th day of krishnapaksha) in the month Shravana (July-August) Lord Krishna was born. People celebrate his birth by singing songs, Bhajans, play Krishna Leela. In Mathura and Brindavan, the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami are very grand. Lord Krishna is said to be the powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu who came to earth to end the rule of injustice and adharma. In North India, breaking of Dahi Handi is very popular. On Krishna Jayanthi, children in the house are dressed as little Krishna who steals butter with his friends. An elaborate puja is done in temples and households to Lord Krishna late in the evening. On that day, the people of the households prepare foods that are his favorite and are given as nivedhanam.


Plenty of Indian sweets are made during this festival.  Among these are Seedai, Appam, Murukku, Thattai, Aval payasam and so on. Most families keep a “vrat” or fast on this day. The fast is done all day and then one meal is had during the day.In the houses, mango leaves are tied to the doorways to mark the auspicious occasion. Colorful “Rangolis ” are drawn on the front yard. Inside the house, a small wooden mandap is erected and decorated with flowers and plantain leaves. An idol of a crawling baby Krishna is placed in a silver cradle which is then placed in the mandap. Lord Krishna’s idol is decorated with flowers and a crown and jewelry at times.

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Om jaya jagadesha hare

Swami jaya jagadeesha hare

Bhakta janana ke sankata

Dena janana ke sankata

Kshana mei dura kare

Om jaya jagadesha hare

Jo dya wei phala pawei

Dukha veenashei manaka

Swami dukha veenashei manaka

Sukah sampati ghara awei

Sukah sampati ghara awei

Kasta mitei tana ka

Om jaya jagadesha hare


Devi Venkatesan

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