Social Media Tips


Day 23 of 365

Social media tip for businesses and entrepreneurs is to always (authentically) be you on social media.

Stand our from the crowd! Be different…
Take a second to think about the brands that you follow on social media…. What makes them special? What makes you follow them?


Love , Devi ❤


Social Media Tip 2

Tip ! Tip ! Tip !

Facebook tip

If nobody likes your stuff on Facebook maybe it’s because they don’t like it, not because they don’t see it. Change your content or change your audience. You can always delete anyone that never interacts with you or is not actively using Facebook. Make room for new friends. This will also increase your edgerank and your overall engagement.

Btw, if you want more likes and comments, give out more likes and comments. Don’t be selfish. 😉


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