Day 5 – Never Give Up !


Dont-give-upGood morning my beautiful angels!

Hope all well here .

I’m Back .. I was busy  #MarchMadness  #monthendmadness  🙂

The only way you can fail is if you stop trying. If you are passionate about a dream or a goal, go after it and don’t stop until you acquire your aspirations!

Bright blessings my loves!

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Love , Devi ❤


Day 4 – Never Give up !


I love who I’ve been .. But I really love who I’m becoming .

Be unapologetically YOU. Every day we wake up is a blessing and opportunity to start fresh . Don’t be afraid to open new doors and take chances… ..You never know where that door may lead you! No one else has to approve of you if you live for someone else’s approval, you are giving them way too much power in your life. Stand your ground, find your happy, live your very best life,help someone and spread some joy. THAT Is beautiful.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

It’s so true! Just do your thing and let people gossip. In the end, it’s all going to be worth it when YOU live the life THEY dream of!

The very best kind of pretty you can feel is pretty strong and pretty confident that you can accomplish everything that you dream of accomplishing ! Never allow negative thoughts to creep in and slow you down on your journey of achieving the best you possible.
You CAN become whatever you’re determined enough to become ! Guarantee your success by making certain the intensity of your actions match the intensity of your dreams.

It may take time & you may have to trudge through some serious sh*t to get there…but you will get there !

Giving up when things don’t go well, they don’t feel right or they fail ONLY guarantees you will NEVER get to where you are supposed to be, even if right now you have no clue where that is!

Carrying on & pushing through will hurt but I promise you …it will be amazing when you finally make it!

I was told I couldn’t.

I was told I wasn’t focused.
I was told no one would listen.
I was told to give up…but I didn’t.

I didn’t listen to any of it and neither should you, it’s all rubbish.

Instead, I used the negativity projected on me to push me forward. And then I found people who actually did believe in me. I put myself around people who supported me and I got to work and I kept working and I keep working TILL IT WORKED.

Don’t let what other people project on you effect your vision and goals. You have everything in you to be successful. Once you make the decision that you have it, you’re already there.

You will lose some people along your  journey and that’s okay. It doesn’t make them bad people, but their part in your story is over. When we make such a monumental change in our lives, it affects everyone around us as well. Quite honestly some people have become very comfortable with you feeling “less-than” them. When you start to feel better about yourself and you begin to build your self-esteem and your self-confidence,they become very uncomfortable around you because it forces them to focus on what THEY’RE not doing to better themselves.
They will tell you that you’ve changed, and they will be right. Just make sure your changes are positive ones. Maintain your kindness and your loving heart, but walk away from anyone who tries to undermine or sabotage your success. It’s your time to shine, baby. Don’t dim your light for anyone.

Reach Your Dreams or Die Trying…

Accept that you will have challenges, breakdowns, stagnant phases, people discouraging you, things won’t go exactly how you want, and at times, you will feel like giving up, make mistakes, and fail at a few things.

If you’re tired, LEARN TO REST.

Don’t GIVE UP!

Love , Devi ❤


Day 3 – 10 Best Never Give Up Quotes


Here’s 10 best never give up quotes which will inspire you to keep going ..

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

– Thomas Edison

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”

~Babe Ruth~

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.”


“Don’t give up. There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you. Don’t listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself.”

~Sidney Sheldon~

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.”

~Robert Tew~

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

~Japanese Proverb~

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

~Dale Carnegie~

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

~Vince Lombardi~

“It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it is refusing to fail.”


Day 2 – Never Give Up !


Hi everyone !

This is the basic but very important life lesson

Always look on the brighter side, look for positive in every situation . Don’t look at the hundreds of reasons to quit. Look at the thousands of reasons to KEEP GOING!

Love , Devi ❤

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Monday Motivation!!Keep Showing up ! 


Happy Monday everyone !

I met a good friend of mine this weekend . Her name is Jo . We had  great fun time lunching together . Jo is a Mom and Mompreneur She is a good mom and a growing boss lady . She is guilty of her slow progress and not so satisfied business and she took a decision to shut down her business .

I made  Jo understand that,  Things are hard at times but show up anyways ! It’s a part of life that are meant to make you strong and gives you some lessons and experiences . It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop . Remember, your speed doesn’t matter forward is forward .

I know some days business is hard. I know you don’t feel like doing it. I know you’re tired, people are mean and things get overwhelming.

I know. I know Do it anyway .. Don’t give up .

That’s true with parenting kids too and you don’t give up on them .. do you?

Don’t give up on your business dream just because it got hard. Take a break and get help if you need to but don’t give up. Persistence is the key.

If you’re tired ..take rest and show up again! Never quit because you never know how close you are to a breakthrough . It may be right around the corner .

Here’s the motivation for Boss Moms like Jo who wanted to quit .

“Rome was not built in a day ”

“Great things take time”

Pick yourself up, show up and do it anyway. I promise you that you’ll be glad you did.. Don’t give up until you are proud !! Keep Showing up !

Love , Devi ❤


Don’t Give Up !

I- want- to- see- what -happens- if- I- don't -give -up

Good Morning/Evening my loves ! Super Saturday to you all !!

I want to see what happens if I don’t give up .

Challenges force us to dig deeper within ourselves and find a level of strength we didn’t know was there. Never give up on yourself , you’re a MASTERPIECE in the making✨✨✨✨✨Shout out to all those that may be struggling just now, please remember that this too shall pass and you are not alone,because giving up is not the only solution , there are 1000s of doors to one question! All these struggles are temporary . The Sun will rise and we will try again .Each day is a new beginning, a chance to try again. Start with good thoughts. If it doesn’t work today. Tomorrow is a new day to try again. Don’t give up . Never Quit !

Yes , Don’t give up .. the best is yet to come ! ❤

Love Always , Devi ❤

I was made for this.


It doesn’t matter how much money you make.

Sometimes you want to quit.

It gets hard. It’s stressful. You wonder why you stick it out.

It happens to all of us.

It happens to me

Not often. But it does.

Then I remember why I  started , why I LOVE what I get to do with my life. I remember the things I was created for.

And I am so damn grateful for every one who told me no. Everyone who yelled . Every hater. Every skeptic. Every team member along the way who has touched my life. Every client I get to help.

I was made for this 😍

Don’t Quit. Never give up . Find a way !

Devi Venkatesan

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