BIG Announcement – Social Media Tip

Hey my Blogger friends and family !

BIG Announcement


So excited to share..There’s going to be training sessions exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs,small business owners and online business people from December in our FB community .We’ll make you achieve your dreams and goals .

We have been training social media recruiters  to source Tech talents using Facebook and Linkedin to perform well in their jobs/businesses . Sourcing and Recruitment through non-conventional methods (With out the help of paid sites and job boards ) .

We train recruiters to search in google,yahoo,bing , social media sites,FREE sites and Boolean searches .

I’ve decided to write about social media ninja tips in my blog .

I am learning to use Instagram for business from an expert . I would post the best tips here .

Let’s start from the scratch .

Today’s Social Media Tip :

Facebook , Linkedin ,Twitter and Instagram are FREE . Use them to build your business .

Facebook  is a powerful tool you can use to promote your small business.

The three primary advantages are:

  1. It’s free
  2. You can promote your products and services
  3. Interact and stay top of mind with your customers

Expanding and GROWING ….


Devi Venkatesan

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