Never believed in Miracles Until she became One

Friends!! I’m proud to share a friends life story today .She’s a Miracle and Magic. Shes the first girl in India who danced with dialysis solution in the stomach on stage. She has become the  Queen of Beads. . Creator of “Lavender feel beautiful” .(Beading awesome jewelry ) Her story is a super inspiration for other women .

You see this beautiful lady below , Her name is Seema. She’s one of my Facebook friends I met her in Uttaran projects ! I don’t know her much personally.You can’t judge a book by its cover!! I didn’t know any of her struggles until she shared it on her Facebook…. you see this amazing, gorgeous, incredibly kind person on the outside and assume everything is perfect on the inside. This just proves you never know the battles that others are privately facing. I too, struggled behind the mask I wore every day. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing.


I am herewith sharing Seema’s story just to make all the women in this Universe,aware that no matter what happens they are enough and the power of prayers will take care of the rest.

“Never believed in Miracles Until she became One”

“We all have a story,we all are special,we all have a purpose in life and,there is a reason for our struggles.” – Seema Nair

This is a girl living her ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

Seema shares her story with us here. Seema says,” I received recognition in school due to my voice ,I sang at various inter school level competitions which gave me a lot of accolades.My school titled me a “nightangle”.I was thoroughly in extra curricular activities and was an above average students.I was a popular student and was loved by everyone.I was born and brought up in Delhi ,a place where I got educated ,grew up into a young lady and started working.I started working at a very age in my life 17 as an intern in a fashion house and I had a blast.Further on I became a merchandiser to senior merchandise in export houses and became a workaholic .I had many beautiful learning and experiences in my career and the most important was value of time,qualitative deliveries and respecting the workers.

One day I had been experiencing a heavy pain in my back,internal fever and shivering .I was admitted in the same hospital where I was born what an irony I thought to myself .My parents came in , with saddened faces and burst out crying ,they said both your kidneys have failed .Its only 10 percent function.I hated dialysis ,I saw people dying on their dialysis bed and I was the youngest in the lot .Due to starvation,dehydration I became very weak and lost all my muscles.That one year I realized our family grew closer than ever before and the whole extended family came together to contribute financially for my first transplant.My Father donated his kidney to me,I was re-operated the next day as there was clotting next to the new kidney.Finally when I came back to my senses,I ate my first official meal in a year a creamy vegetable bake .There is a period of 1 year isolation post transplant patients go through and its often depressing staying within 4 walls.I used to watch a lot of cookery shows,movies.I slipped into depression very soon,this was the toughest phase .I had visual and auditory hallucination due to excessive drugs and trauma.I heard things and saw people when no one said anything or no one passed by.After going to a counselor I took some medications and recovered ,he said this happens to all patients who have undergone tremendous trauma.

I met my husband we dated for a year and got married.He made my life miserable from using abusive words,to getting violent .Immediately after wedding in December I lost my eyesight which was the first major blow to our marriage,negligence of doctors lead to high diabetes.My eyesight came back slowly but not completely,I could not see faces but I saw colors and started painting.I earned a lot and bought every basic thing required for the home . My marriage life was not successful It ended after so many arguments and unpleasant incidence .

I learnt Salsa dancing,started going for regular therapies..Made new friends and slowly forgot him .I was the first girl in India who danced with dialysis solution in the stomach on stage.I got very involved in Chennai Food Guide where I would share free recepies and pictures .I never ate the food as I barely ate,but I found all the positive ways to convert my sadness into joy and the best choice I ever made was Dance. Noone knew what was happening in my life ,in a year I got hospitalized 21 times and all the money for second transplant got exhausted .I wrote on FaceBook and got sponsorship through and by friends and well wishers. No one knew this since they could just see my smile,I cried every day in pain due to crambs,muscle strain,dehydration and what not.I used to go to two Salsa classes to keep myself active,it helped me a great deal.I had so many restrictions so there were so many things I could not do and who really wants to take responsibility anyway?There is so much one can do,but what really matters is the physical presence and touch and the affectionate words I longed to hear “everything will be fine”In this busy world,where everyone was on whatsapp no one understood my eyesight is really bad and its strenuous to be on it .I don’t drink,smoke,party or eat out makes me so boring isn’t it ?I would write about my days good and bad .I became an inspiration to everyone which felt great only that everyone got an inspiring person is a human being too he/she can never be perfect .I left salsa,my health worsened and the doctors told my parents I have no chances.My Mother never gave up .I was on hemo dialysis and I was bedridden now.It was 5 years we were waiting for a cadever now,on 29th july the day of  Eid when I was ready to attend my first Eid Milan party we received a call .I received a donor. I survived the transplant with the will of God and again experienced severe depression and isolation .Yes I was disoriented,sad,shattered,angry,shadows of my past were not leaving me,my heart was broken and I could not make amends with the changes in my life once again and also in the body.The body has to accept the kidney,any small noise was like a thunder everything scared me,I suspected everyone,I was inside my room laughing without a reason ,singing and dancing like no one is seeing .I had the hallucination again ,this time everything was dancing .The medications took a toll on me,I prayed and prayed night after night and God saved me .I found out that depression was a part and parcel of a transplant the levels are different and not everyone has it .16 years of an ailment was not a joke,it took me a while I became fine .I got back into dancing and performed in a group and solo number in Bangalore .My smile was back the hair and weight dropped but to me what mattered was I could live a day free of hospitals.

I visit the hospital once a month for routine checks,I live on life saving drugs and other medications.I held small cooking & dance workshops ,taught little kids but was never sure what should I do to start my career from a scratch.During my illness My Mother and I learnt the basics on jewelry making,soon we started getting loads of orders internationally,people encouraged me,loved my designs and sense of colour. I started this business with a few thousand rupees today my  Brand is named after Lavender feel beautiful!It signifies-love,devotion,elegance,grace  and positive aura.Today its almost seven years I think ,I have completed 22 collections and participated in over 6 events.My aim is to have a Brand that represents originality and quality.Everything is exclusive especially the color combinations and patterns.

I received an honorary award from Chennai Food Guide by Mr Mohd Ali ji the “Hero award”.Do I ever feel lonely ? of course but the art of living is when we begin to enjoy our own company.We should be enough for ourselves.I have cried maybe once on the dance floor because that was a rough phase for me.Like anyone else I also want a family and I have dreams .The reason I ever experienced all this logically was because of negligence and spiritually because God wanted me to now how special I was to him .I think my purpose is to live ,and everyday when I do live someone will hear about me and not give up .I used to do a little charity by cooking and dancing for the underprivileged if there is always some who is undergoing the same like us there is someone undergoing worse .I am a living miracle and when I met Eddie the Mambo King personally he said “I am the walking testimony of God,every dancer should be inspired by your story and you are his child “.Why do such traumatic events happen? So that we don’t take our lives for granted,learn to love ourselves,cherish the ones we love and believe that this world moves on faith .There is so much good in this world and I have seen it the bad is much overrated.Yes we need to change our perspectives and find peace within.I learnt yoga and understood when we meditate every problem is resolved on its own.A blessing does not always comes in riches it comes as miracles and the day I became one I started believed in one.You know your body the best,you are your own best friend ,be kind to yourself first if you think something is wrong with you ask for help.If you see someone is depressed lend them a patient ear .Overall about 80 percent people in India suffer from depression it does not spread and even if it did there is always a medicine for every ailment.With no life insurance or financial support,jobs,quota I live working every single day day in and day out.

I am alive and that is what that matters .”

I Live my life Queen size and so should everyone !

Here’s Seema business page and site.

Awesome collections inside ❤

Hope this story sets an example for those who have lost hope,who are struggling through tough times.This story is just one among many that are untold .

Love , Devi ❤


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  1. Wow! What an amazing story of tenacity & heroism. I can’t imagine having so many ailments AND isolation for such long periods of time. Although she struggled with it all, she kept moving forward & expressing herself. Truly an inspiration to never give up!

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